The Story of Harmony Lightbox

Dear Mindful friends!

My name is Sandor Varga I am the Co-Founder of Harmony Lightbox Ltd.

Let me tell you a story.

It is not a secret that our idea started as a wall frame device. We wanted something extraordinary, this was meant to be an all in one tool that helps you relax and meditate. This idea is still possible but we need to go through a lot of stages to get there┬á­čÖé You can see this idea at the beginning of the facebook timeline as an eye shape form display.
The original idea came as a single picture on the wall and aroma is coming out from it.
After many brainstorming, startup training and research we realized that it is a lot of investment and funding is necessary to materialize the eye shape idea, so we need to take a step back. We learned the lesson. You cannot jump on the top of the ladder you need to go step by step.

For the last 5 years, we learned a lot, but still learning and very excited to share this experience with you!

We concluded that this practice has to be affordable to everyone who has a laptop or TV and not necessarily need to be a luxury device.
If you look at the components it is nothing new, they are widely used such as the diffusers and essential oils, but still, they are unique in their way.

I wanted something silent enough to make it available for meditation but many of the diffusers was too loud.I searched a lot for products which can fulfill our meditation requirements and this is what you can see in the webshop.Choosing the right essential oils are quite challenging.Our goal is to find a scent that is close enough to match with visual. This is where the magic happens. The science calls it synesthesia or synergy effect.It is very well known that stress can trigger negative emotions.You need a tool to drive them back to the normal state.Nature has a brilliant way to do this.I would like to ask you to remember how it felt like when you were in Nature.

How did it feel like to smell the flowers, to listen to the small creek and to see the beauty of the forest and mountains?

We have experience and memory of how it feels like to be in Nature.This positive experience we need to bring back from our memories.

Studies have shown that recordings of sound from Nature evoke physiological responses, a video of Nature encourages a healthier stress recovery pattern, and aromatherapy has been shown to carry many benefits in terms of anxiety and stress relief.


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