Proof of Concept by Event related EEG sessions


Proof of Concept by Event-related EEG sessions


There are so many science blogs out there now that it is difficult to choose only a few to recommend. We are very interested in meditation and everything that has to do with the power of the mind.

So today we take you behind the scenes of Multisense research. First of all, we want to show you the most important stages for our Sensory experiments that we have done by a 4 channel EEG device.



What is exactly ERP?

Event-Related Potentials (ERP) use electrodes that are attached to the scalp, as with EEG. However, the key difference is that a stimulus is presented to a participant (for example a picture/sound/smell) and the researcher looks for activity related to that stimulus.


Software Credit : Willem-Eijdems

Read more about software:


What questions are we trying to answer?


1. Does nature-based 3 sensory stimuli significantly increase relaxation state during open-eye meditations?

2. Does Nature multi-media content can be used as sensory meditation tool?

3. Do recorded Nature video combine with Nature smell able to increase the efficiency of Meditation?

4.  Does nature-based 3 sensory stimuli significantly increase vivid imaginary after closing eyes?




Postgraduate students and Academic staff from the University of West London participated in the experiment using the MUSE portable EEG system. For comparison purposes, we randomly selected 20 participants (Standard group mean age: 31years) from the University of West London. The session was placed in our Quiet Study Room 1. (PE.02.009) during the summer. Participants in this group had performed the same two experimental tasks with Open and Closed eyes in 2 x 8 mins duration. Their EEG data was collected using the Neuro Visual Software with a 7 electrode + 1 reference configuration and a typical EEG set-up for ERP experiment. Included a stimulus machine as smell diffuser, video display and a wireless recording machine. Before the session has been confirmed that all participants had normal vision with a good mental condition and no irritation or allergic reactions of essential oils.




Full article available here:


Sample Oils with Demo Session


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