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MultiSense Sample Package:

Try Before you Buy and make smart shopping decisions!

Our team would like to encourage you to try this Sample package first before you buy one of the Elements Package. The proper way to do this, to place 1-2 drops on a provided Scent Testing Strips. Of course, if you don’t have any then you can use an unscented tissue or paper towel. Write down on each Strip or paper the name of the oils you will be dropping on that particular strip. You will receive a card with further information about the session. Please comment under the review section how did you experience it.

What do you see?

How do you imagine the Earth ,Water ,Fire ,Air Elements as a scent in your mind?

How do they feel now?

Are they matching with the visual stimulation?




The MULTISENSE is not just a sensory content package. This is a form of practice, an environment of calm with spectacular nature videos accompanied by expansive and meditative music bundled essential oil set.  Please make sure you fully understand the practice if not find all details about  it here :


MultiSense Media Content :

This scientifically proven Sensory Mindfulness practice is an alternative way to turn your unpleasant thoughts into a state of calm.  We Carefully selected each video theme for a better user experience. The Session gallery is a web-based customizable media player that helps you to find the perfect match between video, audio and smell. The gallery coming with lot of useful features such as video calibration, voice/ smell guide, session timer and Full-screen mode.




Please note this is a sample package without Aroma Diffuser and Earbuds.

The Package includes:

1 x Session key that gives access to 16 Full HD Nature videos + 16 HQ Nature sounds.
1 x Earth 1ml Essential Oil
1 x Water 1ml Essential Oil
1 x Fire 1ml Essential Oil
1 x Air 1ml essential Oil

Essential oils :


The  Multisense essential oil blends brings you a perfect combination of carefully selected essential oils to help you get the most from your element and embrace it.


The Earth element promotes peace, life, wealth, stability, strength, growth and prosperity. It also represents the manifestation of matter.

Just relax, and imagine in your mind that you are situated in Nature. The earth element is solid and everything that gives us form. Green is the primary color of the world. Life is created and grown from Nature. Earth itself is filled with opportunities sounds and aromas that can be used as anchors.Simply be present with your senses, ignore the stories in your head. Focus on the screen and follow the gentle movements of Nature. Relax and enjoy the Audio-Visual Aroma experience.

Ingredients : Cypress French, Vetiver, Patchouli, Spruce Black, Bergamot Sicilian, Thyme White, Cinnamon Leaf, Pine Sylvestris and Spikenard are helpful to tune into these aspects of the Earth element.


The Water element is associated with flowing, wavering with much of its activity happening below the surface. The water element symbolizes the notion of power, cleansing and flexibility.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline.Focus on the screen and follow the gentle movements of waves,and the endless liquid around us.Try this option if you love the view and sounds of pounding water.Be part of this gentle Audio-Visual Aroma experience!

Ingredients :  Essential oils of German Blue Chamomile, Eucalyptus Australiana, Lemon Cold Pressed, Spearmint, Ylang Ylang 2nd, Litsea Cubeba, Cedarwood Himalayan, Galbanum and Yarrow enhance the Water element.


The fire element is that part of nature that transforms one state of matter into another. Fire symbolizes will power, purification and is an energy that is expressed through exuberance and passion, also provides heat and light.

Observe the colorful play of flames and notice how fluidly they move and create light. Hear the crackling of the fire. Each moment is new and different yet impermanent. The flame is always changing.This is an opportunity to become centered. Take three deep breaths and take note of any aromas, perhaps the scent of burning wood, releasing any tension you’ve built up inside.Just observe those sensations without any judgment, just acknowledging what it is. Enjoy the warmth of this Audio-Visual Aroma experience!

Ingredients : Cedarwood Himalayan, Frankincense Olibanum, Lime Cold Pressed, Nutmeg, Orange Sweet, Pepper Black, Geranium Bourbon, Cinnamon Leaf and Tagetes.



The Air element promotes freedom, wisdom, inspiration and imagination. Air symbolizes the power of the mind and communication.

Feel the gentle wind that is touching your skin and see the wind moving branches and grasses. Simply be present with your senses, forgetting those stories in your head. Focus on the screen and follow the gentle movements of clouds. Be free with this gentle Audio-Visual Aroma experience!

Ingredients : Lavender English, Lemongrass Cochin, Peppermint Premium, Spearmint, Cassia, Rosewood, Tea Tree Australian, Lemon Cold Pressed and Myrtle can help you increase your abilities in this area corresponding to the Air element.

How to use:

Never use pure oils on the skin without diluting, never use internally, keep away from children and eyes, always check if there are any medical issues which could cause a problem. Seek help if you have any doubts.


Minimum technical requirements to play Video Contents:

Desktop Screen size:15” or higher

Screen technology: AMOLED , QLED, LED ,LCD

Screen resolution: Full HD (1080p) or higher

Connection speed: Minimum of 15Mbit internet speed



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