Nature connected Sensory Mindfulness at Home. MultiSense is a form of  practice,with spectacular nature videos accompanied by essential oil sets.

The Practice

Based on the mindful breathing exercise, we developed a sensory practice that involves the sense of sight, smell and sound through the beauty of nature. The MULTISENSE practice is a combination of popular meditation forms. Our team has spent more than 5 years to overview all related literature. The current practice is based on recent third-party neuroscience researches and our own concluded EEG sessions. As well as we were working extensively together with aromatherapists and mindfulness teachers. Our main goal is to bring smell experience into a sensory-based meditation and build a bridge between your Home and Nature.

Open monitoring

1 + 5 Mins

The first part of the practice aims to achieve a relaxed, non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts, feelings and sensations. In other words, here the Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens.​

Single pointed focus

1 + 3 Mins

The second part of the MULTISENSE practice is intended to focus on the user’s video display. It teaches us to focus on something specific. The aim of this practice is to give a job to our “monkey mind” to avoid other external noises. Keeping your eyes open and to concentrate on the Nature video and background Nature sounds as detailed as you can.


1 + 2 Mins

The practice is simple, closing your eyes and remembering everything you can about how it looked, then looking back again, then away, and so on. The goal is to memorize the nature image for as long as possible. Follow the audio guidance, close your eyes to detach yourself from external distractions.

Play Video

Harmony Lightbox represents a unique, well-designed package that provides an audio-visual & aromatherapy experience during your meditation. A Sensory yoga and mindfulness tool for home users that  bridges Nature with the User.

Our MULTISENSE is not just a sensory content package. This is a form of practice, an environment of calm with spectacular nature videos accompanied by expansive and meditative sounds bundled together with an essential oil set.

Aroma Diffuser

The Most Advanced And Preferred Diffuser For Aromatherapy. Discover that the Multisense nebulizing diffuser is the way to go in capturing the true therapeutic benefits of essential oils! This portable diffuser helps you to boost your energy levels and have a better meditation during your session. Very low noise level and outstanding aromatic experience without water and heating.​

Nature Essential Oil Blends

A special blend of carefully selected essential oils to cater for all your moods whether you desire mental clarity or seek relaxation. The combination of our special oils in the MULTISENSE brand are reputed to assist in reducing issues caused by anxiety. It's time to stop dreading life and embrace it.​

Mindfulness Guide

The package includes a sensory mindfulness guide book that will teach you how to practice sensory mindfulness with MULTISENSE. The book also includes an NFC key to get easy access to the session gallery.​

Nasal Inhaller

Designed for Multisense practice. To make your smell experience more efficient we will include an antimicrobial mess-free inhaler to soothe and protect your nasal passages where many germs and irritants reside. Multisense inhaler helps maintain better breathing process, provides relief from seasonal discomfort.


Our bluetooth earphones was chosen by Harmony Lightbox. It gives you more comfortable wearing and it has a great noise cancellation thereby is good for relaxation and meditation.

More than an App

You can launch Multisense using a NFC-enabled smartphone with one touch, without performing a complex setup operation. Start your daily meditation on any computer or mobile phone without installing anything. Isn’t that wonderful?

Environmental Noise Check​

Rising levels of background noise in some areas threaten to make people oblivious to the uplifting sounds of birdsong, trickling water, and trees rustling in the wind. We are aware that meditation can't always happen in blissful silence, therefore we highly recommend to reduce noise around you before you get started. With this simple tool, you will truly be aware of how noisy your environment is.​


Use your TV for Meditation! We had a dream about a meditation tool that is not limited only to your mobile phone. Just imagine a meditation app that you can use as a remote control for your SMART TV for your video sessions. Would you like to enjoy our Guided Nature videos on your 4K TV? No Problem - Start your sensory meditation with 4K screencast support, powered by YouTube.

Mindful Breathing

Each nature element comes with a gentle and colourful breathing exercise. The primary goal of this practice is simply a calm, non-judgmental awareness, allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go without getting caught up in them. It can be useful before your sensory session.

Session Gallery Free trial

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Earth Element

Just relax, and imagine that you are in Nature. The earth element is solid and it shapes everything around us. Green is the primary colour of the world. Life is created and grown from Nature. Earth itself is filled with opportunities, sounds and aromas that can be used as anchors.Simply be present with your senses, ignore the stories in your head. Focus on the screen and follow the gentle movements of Nature.

Water Element

The Water element is associated with flowing, wavering with much of its activity happening below the surface. The water element symbolizes the notion of power, cleansing and flexibility. There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline.Focus on the screen and follow the gentle movements of waves,and the endless liquid around us.Try this option if you love the view and sounds of pounding water.

Fire Element

Fire symbolizes willpower, purification and is an energy that is expressed through exuberance and passion, also provides heat and light. Observe the colourful play of flames and notice how fluidly they move and create light. Hear the crackling of the fire. Each moment is new and different, yet impermanent. The flame is always changing.This is an opportunity to become centered. Take three deep breaths and take note of any aromas, perhaps the scent of burning wood, releasing any tension you’ve built up inside.​

Air Element

The Air element promotes freedom, wisdom, inspiration and imagination. Air symbolizes the power of the mind and communication. Feel the gentle wind that is touching your skin and see the wind moving branches and grass. Simply be present with your senses, forgetting those stories in your head. Focus on the screen and follow the gentle movements of clouds.


I am Dr Gail Davies, an academic scientist. What makes Multisense amazing is how it makes meditation so accessible for those who are struggling with traditional techniques such as maintaining a single-pointed focus on breathing. Multisense is an easy way to bring a little bit of Nature into your Home or Workplace.
Academic Scientist
Hi, My Name is Susanna, My experiences as a Yoga teacher is that relaxing background videos, music or scents may deepen your practice. Thanks to the Multisense Package you can create a lovely environment for your yoga sessions, indoors.
Yoga Teacher
I have been working with essential oils for the past 6yrs. I know how beneficial the scent of smell is for relaxation. Multisense is a brilliant way to experience the power of natural aromas. These oils are blended beautifully, and they are matching with nature's visuals to give a real-life experience for the user.
Essential Oil Specialist

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