Session gallery loading time is very slow. Why is that ?

Please make sure that your internet speed is minimum 15mbit per sec
Clear your cookies in your browser.

The video contect is showing up bad quality. Why is that ?

Please make sure that your internet speed is minimum 15mbit per sec.

Sesstion Gallery is available but there is no video only sound. Why is that?

Please clear your cookies in your browser or open the session gallery with incognito mode!

How can i measure my internet speed?

Please note that an average 15 mins session generate 1 GB data usage. So we highly recommend using a Wi-Fi connection that reaches minimum of 15 mbit for better video experience.
Visit the following link to measure your internet speed

What is the reason i cannot smell the essential oils?

Please make sure your nose in not blocked and you are not under seasonal allergies and asthma symptoms. ( if you are under any condition stop the session immediately)

What is the ideal distance to watch my screen?

The Ideal Viewing Distance based on Visual Acuity. This distance is calculated based on the reference resolving power of the eyes. The human eye with 20/20 vision can detect or resolve details as small as 1/60th of a degree of arc. This distance represents the point beyond which some details in the picture are no longer able to be resolved, so pixels begin to blend together. Closer to the screen than this may result in the need for higher resolution display. This value should be lowered if visual acuity is worst then 20/20, raised if visual acuity is better.

I did not get my product , who can i contact with?

Please send an email to : multisense@harmonylightbox.co.uk

What should i do when i recieve damaged Multisense package ?

Please provide evidence with pictures that your product was damaged when you received, and send it to : multisense@harmonylightbox.co.uk

I have an allergic reaction to this essential oils , what should i do?

Fortunately, most people that use our essential oils never experience any type of adverse reaction. However, some do, and in most cases their experience is both unpleasant and avoidable. In a few instances, the reaction has serious consequences. As always, our aim is to show you how to minimize risk so that you can use essential oils safely, as well as effectively. ( if you are under any allergic condition stop using it immediately.)

I felt dizziness during the session what is the reason behind it?

Turn on more lights and sit farther away from the TV. Make sure that your display is over the minimum requirements to play session. if you experiencing headache, blurred vision or dry eyes, then stop the session immediately. Do not use more than 30 minutes a day.

I can’t log in to Session Gallery,what should I do ?

Please try to open in another browser, if still not working Please contact our support team at https://harmonylightbox.co.uk/contact and we will send a new password to you.

Accidentally, the oil spilled out form diffuser, what should I do?

Gently wipe the diffuser inside and outside then run it for a few minutes without the essential bottle.

What is nasal inhaler for?

Helping to relieve a blocked or stuffy nose (nasalcongestion) associated with conditions like colds, flu or nasal allergies (allergic rhinitis) such as hayfever.
When you inhale these actives through your nose, they work on the lining of your nasal passages to ease breathing & remove unwanted odors.

How long is the guarantee on the Multisense package?

You are protected by a 6-month guarantee.

Which country you’re shipping to ?

We are shipping to United Kingdom.

Is it possible to collect the Multisense package in person?

Yes it is available after making appointment. Please give us a call before!

How can I make a good decision to choose the right product?

Please consider if you want to order with earphones or not. You can order with wired or wireless. If you have your own HQ headphones then choose our basic package.
Are you familiar with the wireless bluetooth technology? If the answer is no then your choice is the Classic package .wich coming with wired earphones. If the asnwer is yes the your choice is the Pro package. If you need further advise please contact to our Team.

Do i need to register to order the product?

It is not necessary to register to order your Multisense package,however you can monitor your account details and download your exclusive content if you register.

How long does it take to recieve my order ?

You order will be with you within 2 weeks.

Is it possible to have a customize Multisense package?

Currently the customize Multisene package is not available.It is under development but please send an email with your specific request : multisense.research@gmail.com

Can i use the Session Gallery in offline mode?

Unfortunately not, The session gallery is a web-based customizable media player that helps

you to find the perfect match between video, audio and smell anytime anywhere. That’s why currently available as a web application with a cloud-based video streaming service.

Can I use my CRT TV for Meditation sessions?

Please do not use CRT display because of their electromagnetic radiation and low flickering effect can cause headache faster.