Let me introduce a friend of mine who is inspired by our project. He believes that  Neurofeedback is a promising way of helping people come to a more peaceful and healthy state of mind and has been proven effective in treating diseases like anxiety and ADHD.  The mission of Willem Eijdems is develop a neurofeedback software with equipment that is affordable to most people. So he developed an App to visualize EEG brainwaves in real time, display different graphs, do neurofeedback sessions or make a recording and analyse the results afterwards. He Says : It’s great to work together with some young people to find out what is useful and encourage them in their investigation.

We are happy to introduce his Free ERP EEG Research Software that is compatible with the MUSE© EEG headband.

With Neuro Visual© you can display all kinds of EEG graphs in real-time, make a recording to playback later or use the APP for neurofeedback training.



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