We are Harmony Lightbox. An interdisciplinary team of artists, engineers and designers. Our dream to bring the magic of nature to life in your home or workplace during sensory mindfulness. The team started to come together in 2015, since then we’ve been working to make multi-sensory neurofeedback devices an accessible, affordable reality.

Our mission is to help people achieve inner peace and harmony.The current market solution only allows passive audio-video experience for the users. In contrast, our research results show that the sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and meditation. Therefore our aim is to bring the smell experience together with audio-visual contents through this meditation package. We believe this immersive and functional product can make daily  routines easier and a better mental health. In 2019 we are planning to run more neurofeedback experiments using this phenomenon to give real-time sensory experience via a brain-controlled interface.