Author: MultiSense

Proof of Concept by Event related EEG sessions

  Proof of Concept by Event-related EEG sessions   There are so many science blogs out there now that it is difficult to choose only a few to recommend. We are very interested in meditation and everything that has to do with the power of the mind. So today we take you behind the scenes of […]

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The Story of Harmony Lightbox

Dear Mindful friends! My name is Sandor Varga I am the Co-Founder of Harmony Lightbox Ltd. Let me tell you a story. It is not a secret that our idea started as a wall frame device. We wanted something extraordinary, this was meant to be an all in one tool that helps you relax and […]

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Sensory Mindfulness

How to Incorporate the 4 Elements into Sensory Mindfulness Practice at Home     The biggest challenge in meditation is staying present, not getting lost in memories of the past, dreams of the future or the running commentary that your mind creates about whatever you’re experiencing; having an anchor, a place that you can return […]

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